Tips 0n E-Commerce – Tips To Make Your E-Commerce Website More Responsive and Traffic Driven

A well optimized ecommerce website will drive sales and conversion to your business because when there is traffic it creates visibility which leads to conversion then purchase of your business product or service. There are so many ecommerce websites out there that users can just open anyone to search, you need to make your vision clear and what gives you an edge over the others so users can patronize your business. For search engine to crawl to your site and know if your site can be listed in search engine results page, you need to make sure your design is responsive and friendly. If your site is slow to load or cannot be accessed on mobile devices then you need to look at it. You can outsource your web design to an experienced developer in an wocommerce plugin to make it more appealing, responsive and optimized. When your site is responsive more users will likely look at it because it is user-friendly. Here are 5 tips on how you to make your ecommerce website more responsive and traffic driven.

1. Search engine optimization

This is one of the best ways to get organic traffic, so many users do a search before getting a product or service and keywords are relevant to make your website a result page for users. An woocommerce mix and match can help you take your ecommerce business from nothing at all to the first page in search engines and according to stats, 33% of all clicks go to the first organic result on Google.

2.User testing

Test every product on your site including your website by user testing to see how users interact with your site and narrate their experience. This will make you know the next step to go in making your website better for users to view, you can also allow user testers to perform the same tasks on a few competitor’s site to get more ideas to use.

3. Make your website easy to navigate

Make your website easy to navigate so that users can look through because if they can’t navigate easily to the product they want, they will go and never come back but when it is easy to navigate and clear to see chances are they might be conversions.

4. Make contact information available

Users want a physical address or email or number they can contact to know the business is real. For your business to gain the trust of users then you should add your contact information. Also make it easy to reach your business and respond on time as this gives users time to convert which is the sole purpose of a business. The easier it is for visitors to access this information, the higher your traffic and optimization.

5. Answer frequently asked questions

A website gets more conversions when they respond to queries from potential customers, answer frequently asked questions to let users know some common questions on their site and responses given. When a business site is responsive, it draws traffic and many people convert when their queries are answered immediately.