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Now is the best time to make a decision about your website

The best decision you will make is to get a website you can get into and make the necessary changes to it. It can be cheaper to build a website from scratch than to update your existing website. We love WordPress it works better with Google Search WordPress gives you complete control over the content and structure in a simple and non-technical way. SEO is a marketing activity and the point of marketing is to sell stuff and make money so what counts is how much money you put into SEO and what you get out of it, Return On Investment. How long will it take to reach the goals you have for your online business, there will be a period where your ranking is not moving much or not moving at all it may take six months or a year might even be two years, but its not all in vain your putting in the work now for a huge return later on, call it delayed gratification justified by reaping the rewards from what you sow. Blogging and SEO Business owners who prioritised blogging for SEO are more likely to return must better rankings in fact around 13 times more. The best way to get the best out of your Blogging is the use a WordPress website. Blogging is a great way to promote your business and Products, by using keywords to promote brand awareness and generate sales leads.

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