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SEO Strategy

There are two kinds of search results Organic results are “natural” results.

Search engines attempt to return the web pages most relevant to the search query, and rank results according to perceived value derived through complicated algorithms.

Paid results – so-called pay-per-click (PPC) ads – are placed by advertisers (or third-party advertising networks) and displayed according to a formula that includes how much the advertiser is willing to pay, how relevant the ad is to the keyword, and the quality of the landing page.

SEOSearch engines make money by getting searchers to click on ads. These ads are displayed both on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and on ad networks they are associated with. Just as with any other medium, the more people that use a specific search engine, the more advertisers are willing to pay for their ad to run.
Search engines are extremely vested in providing the best, most relevant organic search results – every single time. It’s the only quality that makes them sticky, and the only competitive edge that matters in their business model. Their market share will always be fragile, as there’s a very low barrier for the user to switch search engines.

If a searcher doesn’t trust that the search engine they’re using provides the best results, they just visit a different one and repeat the search. This erodes the search engine’s user base, which means fewer searches to serve ads against … and lower rates for the PPC ads.

Other agencies hate the deadlines (just as complying with them) so much, that those has  actually become a punchline in the industry. We’d like to state that we have a whole other perception of doing work under the clock and as often as it is possible, we try to work ahead of the schedule, not leaving any deadlines behind on our workflow or activities…

Writing great content for the web.

… is learning about your audience. You aren’t writing web content simply because you enjoy writing, and you (hopefully) aren’t writing just to make the search engines happy.

You should have a specific purpose in mind for the content, and a specific type of reader to write for. If you’re new to writing for the web or are trying to reach a new audience, it’s worth going through a formal process to define your reader personas. Begin by assessing your best customers, the ones you’d like to replicate.

Determine the characteristics they have in common, and then create a persona that exemplifies them. The aspects to define will vary depending on your industry, but for a B2B company, you might wish to determine whether your ideal reader is …

• In a specific industry

• In a specific department

• In a specific size of company

• At a particular level of responsibility

• In a specific geographic location

• Using a particular tool or program For a B2C company, the characteristics of your ideal reader could include factors like:

• Gender

• Age

• Owns a smart phone

• Plays sports

• Travels for work 12+ times annually

If you already have a strong understanding of your target audience, do just a brief, informal persona review in your head before beginning work on content for your new web page or your next blog post.

SEOUnderstand why people may search for your content.

This next step will help you refine your thinking, create content that connects with your target audience, and select the appropriate words and terms that have resonance for your audience.

The content that you create to meet the needs of your persona is also likely to rank better in search engines. Nice benefit! People search for a variety of reasons. Common reasons in the B2B realm include searching to:

• Understand a product category

• Learn about a product or solution

• Solve a specific problem Common reasons in the B2C realm include searching to:

• Find the best deal

• Find the closest location

• Locate a product or service that’s advertised
You can think of your persona as someplace along a continuum that approximates the buyer’s journey:

• Awareness > Interest > Consideration > Purchase > Post-Purchase > Re-Purchase
The same content will not work for all stages. Is your persona:

• Looking for a general category of information? (Awareness)

• Looking for a solution to a specific problem? (Interest)

• Looking for an enterprise solution? (Awareness-Interest)

• Identifying and comparing specific products or vendors? (Consideration-Purchase)

• Looking for help with one of your products they already own? (Post-Purchase)

• Looking to replace or upgrade a product, and planning to remain loyal to you? (Re-Purchase)

• A college student writing a research paper? (Awareness)

For more information about keywords, visit this keyword backgrounder page.


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