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Blogging helps drive traffic to your website.

On a simple level blogging is just about adding content to your site.

The more content you have, the more traffic you’ll get, the more links you’ll attract, the more domain ‘authority’ you’ll build, the more traffic you’ll get and around you go again.

Blogging was GREAT for SEO and still is if your blog has a clear purpose beyond just trying to rank in Google for specific keywords.

Every time I blog I have some simple aim in mind, and on a post by post basis, none are really that clever, but together as a whole, I hope to create,  a resource  that drives traffic.

Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your website, which means it’s one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website in organic search.

But it’s also one more cue to Google and other search engines that your website is active and they should be checking in frequently to see what new content to surface.

Blogging also helps you get discovered via social media. Every time you write a blog post, you’re creating content that people can share on social networks — Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram — which helps expose your business to a new audience that may not know you yet.

So, the first benefit of blogging? It helps drive new traffic to your website and works closely with search engines and social media to do that.

It helps convert that traffic into leads.

By adding a lead-generating call-to-action to every blog post.

Clickable phone number to your website and each Blog post.

Just simply ask your visitor to contact you, or visit another page which will have a contact form for more information or to a product page.

Or to an opt in for a free offer or discounted product.

If they take the clickable phone option you get to use your sales pitch to sell your product or service.

While you might not see immediate results, over time, you’ll be able to count on a predictable amount of traffic and leads for your business without any additional resource investment — the work to generate that traffic and those leads is already done.




We are launching new websites all the time and we are always looking for a robust CMS.

WordPress is the obvious choice, do you have grave concerns about the security of your site, since your company has a ton of visibility and could become a target for attack.

  • It’s interesting when a good friend asks you a question like this because it makes you reevaluate your opinions and assumptions and make darn sure you’re providing advice that will set up this person that you care about for success.
  • I think it would be most helpful to distill my thinking on whether or not WordPress is secure into a FAQ format regarding the subject.


The short answer is yes, but it does require a modest amount of work and education on the part of the site owner.
The short answer is yes, but it does require a modest amount of work and education on the part of the site owner. Keeping Core Up to Date For WordPress to be secure, you must keep the core application up to date.

The good news is that WordPress actually does much of this job automatically.

If you have the default configuration, then when the core team releases a minor version of WordPress, it will upgrade to that new minor version automatically.

Security fixes are released as minor versions.

So when a security fix is released, unless you’ve specifically configured your site to not update automatically, your site will update to the newest security fix and you will be protected from an emerging vulnerability.

To be clear, WordPress versions come with three numbers separated by dots.  The current version is 4.9.4. The number to the far right is the minor version. So when that changes, your site will be automatically updated. When 4.9.5 is released, your site will automatically update. When 5.0.0 is released, it will not.

Keeping Plugins and Themes Up to Date

You will also need to keep your plugins up to date. This does not happen automatically, except in rare cases where the plugin author provides that functionality. Wordfence security plugin updates automatically when we release a new version. Most plugins don’t. But again, we have some great news. In cases where there is a severe plugin vulnerability, the WordPress security team have the ability to force plugin security updates, and have done so in the past. They have never automatically updated a theme, but they have the ability to do that, too.

In general, though, minor vulnerabilities that a plugin author fixes are not updated on your site automatically. That is why keeping your plugins up to date is one of the most important things you need to do to keep your site secure.

Protecting Yourself During the Window of Vulnerability With a Firewall
When a vulnerability does occur in a plugin or theme, there is a lag time between the vulnerability discovery and when a fix is released. We refer to this as the “window of vulnerability”. To protect yourself during this time, you need a firewall that is being actively maintained by a security team and that includes real-time updates. The Premium version of Wordfence does exactly that. Our team works proactively to discover new attacks and to release firewall rules as soon as a new vulnerability is discovered. This protects our customers during the window of vulnerability, while the vendor works to release a fixed version of their software.
Nginx Firewall
Google Page Speed
Nginx with Google Page speed is the ultimate solution for website cached and cdn services. cPnginx by default provide a CDN subdomain for every google page speed domains.

Proxy Cache For Web Sites

Cpnginx provides flexible configuration and optimization tools for nginx proxy cache configurations. This cache can be managed for each and every subdomains and domains.
eCommerce Sell Online




WooCommerce is WordPress plugin and that turns your blog into an online sales model and provides an amazing shopping cart option for users.


Looking For An Open Source, Completely Customizable

eCommerce Platform Built For WordPress?


WooCommerce is now the most popular eCommerce platform on the web (stats from BuiltWith), so you can rest assured you’re in good company.


WooCommerce is built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, which is the world’s most popular and powerful method for creating a website. Why not benefit from both?

It’s never been easier to start selling online. You don’t have to spend endless hours of developing, customizing, and designing the perfect store.

All you need is some basic experience with WordPress and a badass WooCommerce theme.

Whether you will sell your own products, create a drop shipping business (sell products from others who take care of everything), or build a store for someone else…

…now is a perfect time to build an online store!

Woocommerce for small business.

  • WooCommecrce configuration and installation is very simple.
  • Right Choice for a small business owner for their online store.
  • If you have a limited budget for your online e-commerce store than WooCommerce is the right choice for you.
  • Hosting needs are quite simple, it does not require an influential complex server to run your store.

We supply all the tools you will need to sell online, we have a cost-effective system that allows us to sell our products to you at affordable prices including:

We have you covered.

We would like to recommend the best solution for your small online eCommerce shop is WordPress / WooCommerce as its a low-cost solution but with rich features as mentioned above and for more detailed discussions you can contact Dave on





On July 24th, Google officially launched Chrome 68.
With new features and security enhancements, Chrome continues to leverage its market dominance to push for a safer and more secure internet.

From the beginning, security has been one of Chrome’s core principles and one of the biggest changes in Chrome 68 is displaying ‘Not Secure’ warnings for websites not encrypted with HTTPS.

Nearly two years ago, Google announced that Chrome would eventually start marking all sites that are not encrypted with HTTPS as “Not Secure” as an attempt to motivate site owners to improve the security of their websites. With the release of Chrome 68, this has now become a reality.

  • Starting in October 2018, Google plans to start showing a red “Not Secure” warning when users enter data on pages that are not served using HTTPS.
  • We will add an SSL certificate to your site on any of our hosting plans free and secure your site for SSL free of charge to all of our clients who have Hosting accounts with us.
Secure your website fast. GeoTrust® QuickSSL® Premium certificates are one of the quickest ways for you to start protecting online transactions and applications with SSL. With an automatic authentication and issuance process, it takes just minutes to get your QuickSSL Premium SSL certificate. After that, managing and renewing your certificates is a snap.
Certificates enable data encryption on the internet and allow data to be transmitted securely from a web server to a browser.

SSL Certificates are an essential part of the internet. They not only encrypt communication between your computer and the server where a website is located, but they also provide verification that a site is what it claims to be.
What are the different types of SSL?

There are 3 different levels of vetting that SSL Certificates are based upon. Domain Validated (DV) , Organization Validated (OV), and Extended Validation (EV). The major difference between the types of certificate relates to the information the Certificate Authority, RapidSSL, GeoTrust and Symantec, requires and validates in order to issue a certificate. The higher levels of certificate require more information, and often is displayed in the browser bar. EV SSL for example turns the browser bar green and displays the organization name to visitors to generate more trust.
What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate

SSL certificate provides the same encryption

A Wildcard SSL certificate provides the same encryption and authentication features as other SSL certificates but can also be applied to an unlimited number of subdomains of a website. A Wildcard SSL certificate supports the root domain ( as well as its subdomains.

EV, or Extended Validation, is the highest class of SSL available today and gives more credibility and trust to your website than other SSL Certificates. They include features such as the green address bar and display of your company name that have been proven to boost trust and consumer confidence.

What if I already have an SSL Certificate?

You can switch to us at any time. We offer highly competitive pricing and if you already have an existing certificate, we’ll add any remaining validity that you have on your existing competitor SSL Certificate up to a maximum of an additional 12 months. Learn more.

Contact Dave today for further information.

07 54925029SSL

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Website Management

Website Management

Website Management Sunshine Coast.

Are you a business owner or manager with no time to look after your day-to-day online operational tasks? Sunshine Coast Web Design can help! We’ll do any or all of your content updates, manage your domains, host your website, , and manage your databases, to name a few.

Website Management

Maintaining your WordPress website takes time and some know-how, if you don’t have the time to look after your WordPress website then let us take the worry out of it for you.

What do you get?

  • Daily backups of your database AND all the content on your website.
  • 24/7 protection of your website for malware, viruses and hackers.
  • Updates of your plugins and WordPress core files, ensuring nothing breaks as a result.
  • Hosting on our super-fast dedicated Sydney servers purpose-built for WordPress websites like yours (including multi-site).
  • 1-hour of development time per month for coding and design tweaks.
  • Your site re-instated if it is hacked.
Start from scratch? We provide a full service including:
  • WordPress Websites, Including eCommerce solutions.
  • Fast cPanel WHM Servers out of Sydney.
  • Amazon AWS Work mail for fast secure managed business email and calendar service.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • SSL Certificates
  • Managed Domain Names, Never lose your Domain again with our managed service just register with us.

Direct support whenever you need any technical or other help with your WordPress website. We specialise in giving you peace of mind that your website is being looked after.
Save your self at least 5-hours of work each week that can be spent doing more important things…like running your business!

Sunshine Coast Web design has been operating on the Coast for over 15 years check out our Google reviews a great trusted tool for checking us out.

Blog Updates

In this digital age, having a blog is one of the smartest business decisions you can make. Quality blog posts can fuel SEO and help your business generate new leads. You can position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, communicate your brand story, and create conversations with your customers by keeping your blog up to date.

Data Backups and Security
As we all know, things can go wrong on the Internet from time to time. Preparation is key to avoiding the worst-case scenario. Our management plans include a regular data backup including full schedule across multiple locations, hardware and network redundancy to make sure we can keep you running, and a disaster recovery plan that has been rehearsed and can be put in place immediately when needed.
July 2022
SEO Services

Working with Google Search

Working with Google Search

Working with Google search and Sunshine Coast Web Design

Every time you search, there are thousands, sometimes millions, of webpages with helpful information. How Google figures out which results to show starts long before you even type, and is guided by a commitment to you to provide the best information.

Search Index

Even before you search, Google organizes information about webpages in our Search index. The index is like a library, except it contains more info than in all the world’s libraries put together.

Find keywords that you’re already ranking for, but not in the top positions (yet).

If you don’t have Search Console setup for your site, pause reading this and go set it up. It’s an essential SEO tool.

If you didn’t know, Google Search Console (or GSC and formerly Webmaster Tools), is a free tool to help manage your website’s search functionality and appearance. It is basically a collection of reports and tools that help you fix errors and optimize your pages.

Likewise, using a rank tracker (like our search reporting 😉) helps you verify and keep an eye on your keyword positions in Google. Without it, knowing which keywords are driving traffic (and revenue) will be needlessly tricky.

Everyone wants to rank high on Google. One of the problems is SEO can be time-consuming, not to mention difficult. But what if there was a way to boost Google rankings quickly? It’s quite simple actually:

Updating your Blog

Your WordPress website will need to be updated and for Google Search, you will need to update your Blog regularly with your businesses and Industries latest information, adding new keywords and related keyword search phrases for your business.

Sunshine Coast Web Design provides the best solutions and services for small business on the Sunshine Coast and Queensland.


Our fast Hosting servers are in Sydney, we can deliver what scalability you require from shared hosting to standalone servers for larger websites, we can expand your needs to whatever size you require.

We provide Exchange email services to suit small businesses or a larger business that requires an organisation for collaboration between workers.
Training For Google Search Engine Optimisation
We provide website management Search Engine Optimisation and training for both. Sunshine Coast Web Design will set up your new WordPress website to work with Google search, customising your Template to suit your business and Search Engine Optimization copywriting, we can sit down with you and train you to manage your SEO and website or manage it for you, your website will need managing and continual updates to work with Google. Contact Sunshine Coast Web Design talk to Dave and see what you need to do to get your site ranking high on Google search.

Website Hosting Sunshine Coast

Website Start Up For Small Business

Fast Reliable Website Hosting Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Web Design Hosting Whether you’re looking for a marketing, rich media, or e-commerce website, Sunshine Coast Web Design offers a wide range of website hosting options, and we’ll help you select the one that is right for you. Our Datacenters are in Sydney Australia. 360Cloudnet datacenter is in Sydney with Amazon AWS.

WordPress Hosting

  • Websites built on common applications like WordPress, Woocommerce, Joomla, Drupal, Magento
  • Websites that are unlikely to scale beyond 5 servers
  • Customers who want to manage their own web server and resources

For personalised customer service, you cannot go past Sunshine Coast Web Design for a reliable Hosting service.

Our hosting parent is 360Cloudnet for fast servers out of Sydney, with a whole range of services to suit your small business.

We cover all required services for your small business go to Google reviews to see what our customers are saying.

For a full list of services talk to Dave, we pride ourselves on Customer Service, Customer Service is an Attitude, not a department.

Sunshine Coast Web Design Website Solutions

Simple websites typically consist of a single web server which runs either a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress, an eCommerce application, such as Magento, The software makes it easy to build, update, manage, and serve the content of your website.

Simple websites are best for low to medium trafficked sites with multiple authors and more frequent content changes, such as marketing websites, content websites or blogs. They provide a simple starting point for website which might grow in the future. While typically low cost, these sites require IT administration of the web server and are not built to be highly available or scalable beyond a few servers.

Blogging Hosting Services

Website Start Up For Small Business

Website Start Up For Small Business

Website start up.

Whether you are a freelance photographer, own a small retail store, or have another type of small business, a great website is essential for your company’s success. As a webmaster who has worked on building or marketing over 100 small business websites, I know what it takes to create great and engaging business websites.

Implement the best content management system.

A content management system (CMS) is a software program or application that is used to create and manage digital content. A good CMS will help you maintain your site, and you don’t need much technical knowledge to use it.

We recommend WordPress For A Website Start Up

WordPress: WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS. It has a vast, active support community and many useful plugins to extend the functionality of your site. (And if you cannot find a plugin that does what you want, it is easy to find a WordPress developer who can make one for you!)

however, that WordPress’s biggest weakness is security—because it is so popular, hackers target it the most.

Your WordPress site needs to be regularly maintained and secured so it is not hacked. Also, it is difficult to secure every single third-party plugin, so keeping your WordPress site secure must be an ongoing commitment through various best practices (checking to see if your plugins have been updated within the past few months.

making sure it is a plugin provided in the official WordPress repository, deleting unused plugins immediately, etc.).

Create an interesting, memorable, and engaging user interface for your website start up.

Make sure your small business website interface leaves a positive impression that drives results. You can do so by implementing the following suggestions:

  • Use beautiful graphics and easy-to-read fonts.
  • Make sure your graphics are compressed and optimized for fast loading. If your website is slow, search engines like Google will penalize your ranking.
  • Research the competition to see how they have designed and optimized their websites; implement similar components that will work for your small business website.
  • Research your target audience to see what they want from your site and make it easy for them to accomplish it.
  • Stay consistently on brand throughout your website design.
  • Design an intuitive navigation system which allows users to get to the pages they need quickly.
  • Publish easily accessible contact information.
  • Incorporate obvious call-to-actions (especially “buy now” buttons).

All of this is available with one of our WordPress templates, pre-designed to make your start up small business website affordable, we work from the end back re-configuring your small business website to suit your needs.

  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • eCommerce with Woocommerce, or Shopify.
  • Domain Names
  • SSL certificates

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WordPress Caching

WordPress Caching

What Is WordPress Caching?

WordPress caching helps your website load more quickly by reducing the amount of data transfer between your site visitor’s browser, your site’s WordPress database, and your website’s web server.


You automatically knew the result without doing any processing.

WordPress websites

Most WordPress websites are viewed many hundreds, thousands

Generate the site’s

Generate the site’s header and footer Find sidebar widgets

browser requests

majority of browser requests will be triggering the exact same calculations

WordPress caching is a critical part

WordPress caching can dramatically improve performance by reducing page load times. Instead of serving up dynamic content with each page load, WordPress can instead generate static HTML files to your visitors. This means faster page loading and less load on your server.

Why is WordPress Caching So Important?

Caching your WordPress website can have a dramatic impact on your website’s performance. Page load times are critical to a website’s success. After all, how many times have you gone to use a website, and it takes a while to load — given up and gone to a competitor’s site? Exactly.

Website caching and speeding up your page speeds can actually help improve search engine discoverability. Here’s more on how Google uses page speed in mobile search
Over half of your visitors will abandon your website if a mobile page takes over 3 seconds to load. Here’s more on how speed is now a landing page factor for Google Search and Ads..
Business Digital Marketing

Statistics about Google

Statistics about Google

Google is one company that is always on our minds

Whenever we have a question, or need directions, or want to see a picture of something, almost the entire world first thinks to “Google it.” In fact, this expression has become so common that “Google” has been officially recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary as a verb in the English language.


Google is one company that is always on our minds. Whenever we have a question, or need directions, or want to see a picture of something

Search Stats

Most of us know Google as a search engine, and there’s a good reason for that. Google is the predominant search engine in the world, and it shows no signs of giving up the massive lead it has built over the years.

There Are More Than 2 Trillion Google Searches Each Year

That’s trillion with a “t.” To put it in perspective, that works out to more than five billion searches every day, 228 million every hour, three million every minute, and 63 million every second.

These numbers seem astronomical and almost unbelievable at first glance, but in reality, they make a lot of sense. Five billion searches a day means every adult in the world makes one search per day. But most of us do multiple, and many do none, hence the average. That so many people search is not surprising.


Every time you search, there are thousands, sometimes millions, of webpages with helpful information.How Google figures out which results to show starts long before you even type, and is guided by a commitment to you to provide the best information.

Search Index

Even before you search, Google organizes information about webpages in our Search index. The index is like a library, except it contains more info than in all the world’s libraries put together.


Your WordPress website will need to be updated and for Google Search, you will need to update your Blog regularly with your businesses and Industries latest information, adding new keywords and related keyword search phrases for your business.

Sunshine Coast Web Design provides the best solutions and services for small business on the Sunshine Coast and Queensland.

If you’re looking for personal support for your business someone to talk to you about managing your Website, Hosting, Email, Search Engine Optimisation, then talk to Dave at Sunshine Coast Web Design, Our commitment to customer service and support has delivered our results to be proud of.

Add your new blog post to social media and Google my business.

We have been assisting small business on the Sunshine Coast for more than 10 Years

That made us expand our services list to include other Digital Marketing activities.

Then we felt, that we can offer a wider scope of extra services within our current list, which we eventually did by extending it.

Altogether, As A Few Years Ago We’ve Finally Become The Agency We Were Aiming To Become, We’ve Compiled A Few Core Work Principles That We Still Value Today, Such As:

  • There’s no excuse for not achieving a result
  • Deadlines are meant to be left ahead, not behind
  • Lower fees for the same quality can be an advantage for everyone

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